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Corona-Boo Chronicles: Couples Share How Isolation Has Affected Their Relationships

In times of uncertainty it becomes easier for feelings of stress and fear to overtake us. To not become overwhelmed by these feelings, it’s important that we quell them in one way or another. Many of us have adopted mechanisms for coping with the uneasiness brought on by the pandemic. Some of us are working out, taking more elaborate baths, baking or gaining a new skill, and others are, well… getting dick. Or at least hoping to. You’re not the only one if that’s how you’re feeling. This week, two pandas that were in captivity with each other finally did the do after 10 years. Suppose all they needed was some privacy.

The social isolation mandate can make those of us who are single feel lonely, so propositions for being “alone together” with someone can be more enticing than ever. Even If you’re in a relationship, you may feel pressure to either stay over at your significant others or have them come to you. Boredom and loneliness appear to be affecting us all in the same ways. I read an article that examined how different types of new couples were handling the quarantine and if they were going to quarantine together.It inspired me to interview a few couples I know. I asked a few couples/ the romantically involved how they were holding up during quarantine and here was their take on the matter:

Couple 1

Together: 6 yrs

Status: Married

“We’re married so we’re definitely going to be going through this thing together. We have a system that works because he still works on [the naval] base and my classes are canceled for the rest of the year so while he goes to work, I homeschool the kids. I hear of some couples getting tired from being up under each other all day, but I would consider it a luxury we don’t have. He still has to work. He’s essential, I guess. “

[Did you hear about Idris Elba giving the coronavirus to his wife who wanted to take care of him? Would you get the virus in order to continue taking care of your partner?.]

“Yes, I did hear about the Idris situation. Honestly, I don’t think I do the same as his wife. Not that I wouldn’t want to, but he wouldn’t let me. We have kids together and so if he got sick, I’d have to look after them until he got better. I can’t just think about myself nor just think about him.”

Couple 2

Together: 1.5 months

Status: Corona-boos/It’s complicated

“We started talking a week before the world ended hahaha We started hanging out maybe a week after we were told to stay in. No one was really taking it serious then. But by the second week I started taking it more seriously and wouldn’t see him that often. But I still missed him a lot so when he’d really press me to come over, I’d say yes but only if he made sure I go to his place and home safely. I’d stay over at his place and we’d watch movies, cook, talk. It was a lot of fun. So we sort of quarantined together but I put a stop to it all recently. It was too risky.” [Did you hear about Idris Elba giving the coronavirus to his wife who wanted to take care of him? Would you get the virus in order to continue taking care of your partner?] “Yeah, I had heard about Idris’s wife catching the virus so she could stay by his side. He jokes with me saying that he wouldn’t care if I had the virus and would still hang out with me and come to see me, but I wouldn’t allow it.”

Couple 3

Together: 1 yr

Status: Long Distance Relationship

“The corona virus has really impacted our relationship. Every few months I would fly to him or he would fly to me, but now with the virus being so widespread neither of us can find it in our heart to ask the other to take that risk. It’s been really tough because long distance relationships are hard enough with limited [physical] contact, but now we have no [physical] contact at all apart from our computers. I miss him so much. But we’ve been making the extra effort to create intimacy where that can’t be any. We compete to see who made the best dinner that night and will eat together through skype. We talk daily, but like I said it’s really tough. This whole thing has been tough on the both of us.”

[Did you hear about Idris Elba giving the coronavirus to his wife who wanted to take care of him? Would you get the virus in order to continue taking care of your partner?]

“Like I said, we won’t even ask each other to fly during this pandemic let alone do something like that. Maybe if the circumstances were different like if we were already staying together. I didn’t know that happened with those two.”

Let us know in the comments if you’ve started anything with anyone during this pandemic and found yourself a corona-boo. Do you feel like this pandemic has brought you closer or put a wedge between you and your significant other? And do you commend Elba’s wife Sabrina for sticking by his side or is it something you couldn’t will yourself to do?

Lilith is a blogger with an emphasis in writing and reflecting upon social agendas that effect black women. When not at her computer writing she is more than likely still at her computer, programming. On the rare occasion that Lilith isn't at her laptop you can attempt to find her exploring the Chicago food scene or attending workshops in creative writing

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