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4 Subtle Ways to Enhance Dark Skin

If you are a woman with dark brown skin, consider yourself blessed with a beautiful complexion. Dark skin isn't in the least bit rare or exotic, but it is still precious. Beyonce even wrote a song about your skin, likening it to pearls, and saying it's the best thing in the world. You already knew what you were working with, though.

On its own, your skin is a gem, so it's no surprise that you wear it with pride. When adorned, your melanin pops even more severely, as the kids say. On top of that, you are a woman. One of the joys of being a woman is indulging your propensity to be feminine. As women, we like to enhance our femininity in a variety of ways, be it through fashion or cosmetics. Luckily, as a dark-skinned woman, there isn't much you have to do to compliment your beautiful complexion. For you, a little can go a very long way.

Here are some subtle ways to highlight your natural beauty.

Wear Pastel Nail Polish

A trend that has been popular among dark-skinned beauties as of late is wearing pastel nail polish. It all started with the infamous white nail polish, but then more and more of these pale shades began making their way onto the nails of deeply complected hands.

It's great how much these colors stand out on dark skin. If you prefer to do your manicures yourself, make sure to find a nail polish brand that is of quality, like Essie, and also keep you mani fresh applying your topcoat throughout the week.


Wearing jewelry is perhaps the most common way that women adorn themselves. Women of many cultures wear jewelry to highlight their beauty, and some even wear certain amounts or types of jewelry to define their social status. While you don't have to wear extravagant and expensive pieces, there's no denying that a cute pair of silver, hoop earrings will add a nice touch to your overall look.

Wear Flattering Colors

Wearing clothing in colors that flatter your skin tone will instantly make you look good. For dark skin, those colors tend to be vibrant or warm and rich. An entire Twitter thread was created to highlight the beauty of black women wearing yellow, and the women featured were stunning. Reds and Greens are other shades that have notoriously done right by dark brown skin.

Wear a Lip Product

Even if you aren't a makeup aficionado, you probably have at least one tube of lipstick. Lip cosmetics have a way of making one look done up without even having much makeup on, especially red lipstick. Lip glosses tend to have the same effect, as well as tinted lip balms.

A popular lip balm that was all the rave a couple of years ago was Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in the shade Red Dahlia. Not only does it moisturize the lips but it gives them a nice pop of color.

Dougherty (DOH-wer-dee) is a beauty enthusiast and writer with a passion for natural hair and skin care. Her other interests include music and literature. When she's not blogging, she is enjoying spending quality time with her friends and family.

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