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  • Liv J

Hypergamy and Colorism: All that Glitters Isn't Gold

I am ecstatic that in 2019 more black women are waking up and leveling up both in mentality and in appearance. Although I existed most of my life as a “girly girl”, my journey has really been about taking my mentality to the next level and sharpening up some areas where I lack and learning that being a feminine dark-skinned woman is okay.

It is so refreshing to see my fellow dark skinned sisters embracing their natural femininity and embracing the idea that they are deserving of everything life has to offer to them. Although most of my journey has been eye opening in a positive way, there are a few things that I have experienced as a dark-skinned woman, that have been eye opening in a...not so great way.

Before I continue, I would like to give a disclaimer: This has been MY experience, MY observations and MY opinions. I trust the readers to already understand that however, some people like to get all out of sorts if they experience, or hold a different opinion.

The most jarring thing I’ve experienced on this journey are the amount of black men who genuinely feel that darker skinned black women like myself are “weird”, “white woman wannabe”, and “entitled” just for acting and thinking that frankly we deserve the same deal as every other race of women. This is something that I've heard on the Internets from dark skinned women leveling up or practicing hypergamy but of course seeing is believing.

This is worth mentioning because many black women on this journey are doing so in the hopes of leaving behind the Pookies’ and Ray Rays’ and going for the professional Dantes. From my experience I will say that out of all my interactions with high earning men, black high earning men tended