5 Of The Hottest Fashion Trends This Fall

This fall we are putting the awe in autumn. I was planning on taking a different approach to the season regardless, so it is a thrill to see the fashion industry following suit. Our equinox is going to be as colorful and bright as the leaves that change with it. And below I have the top five essentials of this fall’s fashion edit.

1.) Animal Print

The Cheetah girls could never, all wildlife is officially on the radar. Surpassing classic prints such as Leopard and Snakeskin, Zebra and Cow have seemed to also be welcomed into the fall family (all faux of course). Designers are continuing to push this theme to the edge with Giraffe, Cow, and Tiger print as well, quite literally my wildest dream.

2.) Plaid

We all love a good print, but this fall we are not limiting ourselves to our four-legged friends. It is everything checkered and crossed. It is on pants, skirts, and I predict will gradually make its’ way onto sweaters.

When flipping through the decades of style before us, plaid is no recent innovation, but this is not your regular boyfriend button down, Southern lifestyle plaid, which parlays into my next trend.

3.) Bright Color

No, that was not a typo. And yes, we are doing a Troy and Gabriella by breaking free of some rather redundant color motifs; maroons, black, and shoddy browns. Light beige and mustard yellow are banned as enough means for a “pop” of color.

We are really popping this time around. Slime green, neon pinks, highlighter and primary yellows and my current favorite: lavender. I get endorphins just from thinking about that one. This is going to be the brightest autumn yet, so step out of your comfort zone to step into something that will confuse your closet.

4.) Texture

We do not just want to see, we want to feel, and retailers are giving the people what they want. It is all about the fluff and fuzz this fall, so our Netflix and chill sessions will be a tad cozier than they were before.

This cuffing season, our jackets, sweaters, and coats are getting 3D’ed by the likes of sherpa, tweed, and shearling. We are here for anything soft to the touch that brings satisfyingly feel good sensations of being wrapped in a blanket, or bae’s arms.

5.) Sunnies and Sneakers

I had to do a double whammy on the last but possibly most important essential; accessories. And summer left us a farewell gift, by switching scarves for shades and combat boots for converse. Yes, we are still wearing sunglasses in cloudy weather, and yes, we are pairing Reebok with miniskirts. It is a movement I am one hundred percent in compliance with.

The cool, sleek, and easy feel of these accessories can instantaneously elevate any outfit in a way that our chunky infinity scarves never could. And let’s be honest here, 1. Who wants to stop wearing sunglasses and 2. Who isn’t trying to get their hands on a few new pairs of sneaks. Mmm-hmmm, I thought so 😉

Princess-Zenita is a twenty-one year old hiking, reading, writing, laughing, constantly discovering student and aspiring writer. When she's not cooking up something for DDS, she's most likely writing for her personal blog "The Princess is Pauping."

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