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Perfect Pinks For Dark Skinned Black Women This Fall

Pink is now one of the top color trends for fall 2019. AT LAST my favorite color is now mainstream and even on trend. All of my years of Elle Woods like attire is finally and strangely trendy. However, fear not, if you struggle with the thought that pink is a color you can’t wear, or just plain don’t think you like it, I am here to hopefully give you a push and join the pinkster-hood.

It is a given that black women invented wearing colors, pink being no exception but I think it is very important that every black woman finds her specific shade of pink that fits her shade and her personality.

If you are a dark skinned black woman with cool undertones; that is the blue or green hues, then the pinks that look best for you are Hot neon pinks and regular hot pinks. Although neon, or hot pinks can appear intimidating at first, you don’t need an entire outfit of it. A chic blazer, trench coat, handbag, or shoe can upgrade any neutral outfit to truly fall fabulous.

For the warm or neutral dark toned women: bright, yet slighted muted deep pinks are your friend. Pinks such as Hibiscus, tickle me pink, and razzmatazz are perfect examples of this and are great for the daring woman, who may choose to don pink all over, or just giving your look a fresh pop of color.

Moving on to the brown tone ladies; that is light brown-dark brown, in the warm or neutral tones. Lighter yet deep shades such as Rose, Taffy and watermelon pinks will make your red and golden undertones pop out this fall season. To compliment these colors in your wardrobe, a pop of punch pink on the lids or the cheeks.

For their cool toned counter parts, keeping the trend of the lighter pinks but with cooler complimentary tones. Shades such as peach and coral pinks really do well to not wash out, or dull cooler toned brown skin.

Here we will completely switch it up with the lighter skin toned ladies with pink, warm, and neutral undertones. Instead of going with the above trend, darker, deeper pinks really make lighter skin tones pop out and bring quite a nice contrast. Darker tones like Rosewood and Fuchsia do the best at bringing out that contrast with warmer tones. While Magenta, French Pink and wild berry will bring out the best with cooler tones.

Personally, I think that all black women look beautiful in all colors but I think that there is something about the color pink that brings to the forefront that special kind of femininity that black women possess. I understand that it’s not a color for everybody and not everybody is for the color; however, I hope that at least one black woman who swore off, or doesn’t generally reach for something pink, goes for it the next time they are browsing the shopping scene, online, or at the mall.

Liv is a new blogger for DDS Magazine. She graduated University in 2018, with a degree in History & English Lit and in her free time is an avid creative writer, History & Fashion enthusiast, as well as a cat-mom to three kittens. When she is not creating, she works at a children's non-profit and enjoys spending her weekends doing Pilates, hiking, shopping and indulging in Sci-fi novels.

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