What Most People Don't Notice About Their Closets

Recently I was holding a conversation with a good friend of mine about his recent trip to the mall and we began reminiscing on our childhood a little bit. When we first met in high school, he usually donned Abercrombie hoodies, Nike Roshe Runs, Fitted Sweats, and a Herschel Camoflauge backpack.

He looked liked he had been styled on the set of a highly successful Teen Nick Show. Adversely I wore Aeropostale zip ups, Ballet Flats, Button Downs, and what my friend refers to as the "iconic" mini Pink Coach Bag. I looked like I was set to photograph for a prep school series book cover. And then he said as he was shopping, he realized we don't look like that anymore.

Life is a constant series of changes, and the evolution of your closet (hopefully) reflects those very changes. Go look into your closet either at this very moment or after reading this article and really study your wardrobe.

As you go through each piece, think about how differently your closet may have looked a year ago, or ten, or even twenty years prior. Many people think of clothing in a linear fashion (all pun intended), when clothing, fashion is a physical metaphor of who we are, who we want to be, and who we're becoming.

Closets, the clothes we own more specifically, are so remarkable in that way. They really speak to who we are in some way whether we intended to do so whether we like it or not.

Even if you're a person who doesn't care about style, your style, ironically enough will still be a reflection of that. Our clothing and style grows with us as we move from pampers, to toddler tees, to preteen band t shirts, to crop tops, to business suits. Our clothes are always telling our story even when we verbally don't.

I've recently undergone a major style transformation as well. These past few years of college have caused my style to be dismantled, conformed, and all over the place, much like my most recent stages in life.

However, these past few months I have been reclaiming who I am both internally and externally, and likewise, my closet has been taking after this state.

Not only can your closet(s) be a time capsule of the developmental changes you go through, but also simply where you are in life. If your wardrobe consists of mostly cheap clothing, you may need to rethink your finances. If your closet full of clothes that are either too small or too big for you, definitely check in with your health.

If your closet consist of mostly dark and drab colors (and not for aesthetic sake), it may be time to take a look at your overall well being. You've probably heard someone say when times are tough that's when it's time to look within. And whilst this is true it may be time to also look within your wardrobe.

So please, go take a look at your wardrobe, and you may even get a clearer picture than a look in the mirror.

Princess-Zenita is a blogger, student, style reconnoiter, and aspiring all around writer. When she's not practicing her Pulitzer Prize speech, you can find her on thetheprincessispauping.com.

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