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4 Heat-free Wash Day Hairstyles for Tightly Coiled/ Type 4 Hair

It's no secret that many of us naturals dread wash day because of how time consuming it can be. This is the day that us coily girls will spend thoroughly detangling, pre-pooing, shampooing, and deep conditioning our hair, among other things. After we have made it through all of that, we are then tasked with figuring out how we're going to style our hair.

Some of us opt for blow drying to achieve sleek, stretched hair, and then proceed to styling. However doing this frequently may eventually lead to fried hair. Then there are those of us who end up sectioning our hair into plaits or twists and calling it a night, putting off styling until the next day. While this is healthier on our strands than blow drying, it can be quite restricting if we have somewhere to be.

Fortunately those do not have to be our only options. It is indeed possible to wash and style our hair in a single session, without the use of heat. Here are some heat-free hairstyles for you to consider on your next wash day!

Here are some heat-free hairstyles for you to consider on your next wash day!

1. The Twisted Top Knot Bun

The twisted top knot bun is a very edgy style that may fool people into thinking that it took more work than it actually did. The usage of rubber bands allow you to have a better grip on you hair without the excessive pulling and breakage. It’s a top knot but you can also opt for a low bun as well!

2. Roll, Tuck and Pin Updo

Roll and Tuck styles were a staple in the early days of the natural hair movement, and they still hold up today. It’s the perfect up-do style because it can be worn casually, but it’s also appropriate for formal events. The bangs done in this tutorial really add a fun, feminine and flirty touch to the overall look.

(Short hair option)

3. Wearable Twists

Wearable twists are easily one of the most popular natural hair styles due to its versatility, and the styling options are truly endless! You get the benefit of wearing your hair down while your ends are protected. You can also make your twists as small or as chunky as you would like to achieve your desired look.

4. Flat Twist Hairstyle

This styling option is another one that you can dress up or dress down, depending on where you’re going. It’s also great for the sporty or busy natural who is active and on-the-go. It’s a very simple and put-together style that will get you out the door and where you need to be in a jiff.

On top of being quick and easy, another great perk about these hairstyles is that they also double as protective styles that can last you up until your next wash day! Don't be afraid to add your own spin on these do’s to better suit you.

Have you ever attempted any of these hairstyles? If not, will you? Do you have other heat-free wash day styling options? Leave a comment below. Happy styling!

Dougherty (doh-WER-dee) is a life long natural with a passion for natural hair care and skin care. Her other interests include reading, bookkeeping, and eating delicious cuisine. When she is not writing blogs, you can find her jogging, binge-watching Law & Order: SVU or spending quality time with her family.

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