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Practicing Nec-ROMANCE-y: Activities For Bonding With Your Boo This October

If you live for the season where everything dies, then October may be one of your favorite months. For many Americans, Halloween marks the day where festivities begin and end. For others, the entire month is worthy of celebration. It’s the only time of year where their fascination with the dark and macabre is the most socially acceptable. Despite the themes of death and darkness that define October, the month has a very family friendly vibe to it.

This is largely due to century old efforts by the church and community leaders to minimize the witchcraft and horror associated with the growing popularity of Halloween. While it’s great that October is mostly known for being a time where friends and family get together, there’s a lot of untapped potential in October’s romantic side. Here, I’ve compiled a list of a few things you can do with your boo all month long to channel that romantic energy from the other side and grow closer.

Face Your Fears Together