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  • Grace

Why I Think Every Black Woman Should Travel At Least Once (Yes, Including You)

It’s Time To Change The Face of Travel.

Picture a backpacker trekking through Europe or hiking through the terrestrial landscape of Asia while discovering some new, profound enlightened way of viewing the world. If the first image that sprung to mind was a white man, you’re not alone. Likewise, you may have pictured a white woman, thanks to the recent boom of memoirs (cue Wild or Eat Pray Love) documenting the travels (or self-proclaimed spiritual quests) of upper middle class white women. Either way, the first image that pops into your head is likely not a black woman. And while black female underrepresentation in travel media isn’t the biggest issue our planet is currently facing, it’s an undeniably annoying one.

Travel is something that should be enjoyed by everyone and important to increase the invisibility