Common Fitness Myths Debunked

There are so many misconceptions in the fitness industry you get to hear and see every now and then. Many people are searching for the easiest way to achieve results. However, they end up falling victim to misinformation from individuals who pose as instructors with the sole aim of profiting from desperate women looking for different ways to lose weight.

In the world of fitness, wrong ideologies and concepts can be just as detrimental to the health of an individual.

In this article I will share some common fitness myths that have been trending over time.

Stretch Before Working Out

This is one slang that is taught in most gyms. Experientially, static stretches (holding a stretch without movement) before a workout actually tires the muscles and weakens performance. The preferred way is to do them after exercising. Do warm-ups instead. Other activities you can engage in include: leg swings, dynamic stretches (the muscles are being used to bring about a stretch) and a host of others. These activities will help provide the necessary foundation upon which to have an effective workout experience.

Exercising Early Mornings on an Empty Stomach is the Best Way to Lose Weight

Scientifically, when there is no food in the stomach, the body will use fat as energy. While this is true, the deciding factor in weight loss is calorie expenditure. When you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose the weight. Ultimately, you should do what you feel comfortable with. Some of us can undergo working out on an empty stomach, while some can eat before working out and feel great!

If you decide to choose the latter, professional fitness coaches advises that you eat light foods that can easily be digested within 1 hour before the time of your exercise.

You can be Fit Even When You are Overweight or Obese

This concept gained ascendancy into the fitness world when a 2012 study revealed that obese and overweight individuals are not at risk of coronary heart disease and cancer as long as they don’t have diabetes and are metabolically fit and sound.

However, another recent study debunked this fact. The study which was published in the International Journal of Epidemiology revealed that individuals with normal weight have low mortality rate compared to obese but fit individuals. They also discovered that the rate of aerobic fitness drastically decreased with individuals who are more obese.

The Best Time to Workout is When You are Upset or Angry

The truth of the matter is that if you love yourself and don’t want to be at risk of a heart attack, it is advisable to exercise when you are more focused. Conducted studies have revealed that an individual is more likely to experience cardiac arrest within moments after being triggered emotionally and are more prone to a heart attack instantly if they engage in intense workouts.

Doing Yoga Does Not Cause Injury

This is really far from the truth. Recent studies have revealed that Yoga causes more injuries far more often than reported. In a 2017 study conducted in the University of Sydney, 10 participants reported cases of pain around their muscles. Over 21% of the participants who had pain before engaging in Yoga revealed that their pain worsened after the activity.

The truth of the matter is that Yoga offers so many benefits. I am not disputing this fact. To be on the safe side, always ensure that you let the instructor know of any pain you have before engaging in the activity. Also ensure that you maintain the right position.

Valerie lives in New York. As a health advocate, she shares tips and steps on maximizing nutrition, weight, and fitness goals to help others embrace a healthier lifestyle. She blogs at Halfmile Fitness.

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