(VIDEO) Dark Skinned Female Beauty & Talent You May Have Missed at the BET Awards 2019

Let's be honest, no matter your gripe with award shows, it's super empowering seeing black women and girls honored for their talent and hard work. However, we don't always get to witness our deeply melanated sisters getting the recognition and on stage spotlight they deserve. Even if these women don't take home a prize, it's important to acknowledge that they are there, working, and exceptional just as the other artists occupying that space.

In the video below, we salute many of our midnight stars, showcase their immaculate red carpet style, while bringing them from the audience to the stage. We also pay homage to some of the black female icons of our time.

If you believe in improving the quality and visibility of your image as a dark skinned woman or girl, it's important that you support the change that you want to see. Memorize the artists names, subscribe to all of their social media and help sustain them through their endeavors. Remember, they are your reflection and their triumph is fundamental to OUR progression. We all we got!

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