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Womb Wellness & Feminine Hygiene For Black Women

Caring for your reproductive health is an important part of being a woman. Whether you desire to experience motherhood or opt out; a healthy womb alleviates some of the unnecessary woes that come with womanhood. Take a look inside of the holistic approaches, Black woman owned feminine hygiene products, and hygienic practices that can help improve your womanly lifestyle.

Holistic Approach

Black women are becoming more voice-tress in sharing their medical complications as it relates to infertility, fibroid tumors, childbirth, and birth control mishaps causing more black women to consider alternative or holistic medicine practitioners, home births, and doulas. Celebrity and everyday women have voiced their complications with childbirth and how staff in the medical industry failed to take their ailments seriously when in need of immediate care; interviews as recent as 2018 doctors and medical experts publicly acknowledge that the malpractices in “modern medicine” against Black women are much higher, in comparison to White and Non-Black women. Here are a few holistic practitioners and wellness coaches you should know.

Queen Afua

Is the CEO of Queen Afua Wellness Center, creator of “heal thyself product line”, and best selling author; she has more than 20 years of practice teaching women how to prevent and improve their health against hysterectomies and fibroid tumors through proper diet and womb care. To find out more about the services offered, visit her website and @queenafua.

Angela Elizabeth Baker

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Biologist, Herbalist, & Educator of the Holistic Sciences. Angela has a Masters of Science in Biology with a Concentration in Plant Science; she is a certified holistic health consultant and advanced natural wellness practitioner certified by Dr. Llaila O. Afrika MD. Angela also has experience as a holistic nutritionist, college biology professor, and over 10 years of bio-medical work. Angela is the creator of Goddess Body; which offers womb detoxes, yoni steams, yoni wash, and oil. All services and products are available at and @goddessbody.

Empress Body

is a UK based product line; “Empress Body is an empowering company mainly for women and their feminine needs. We promote healthy alternatives / living by holistic methods, with a range of organic, natural and vegan products”. The company’s founder Miss Smith, originally created Empress Body to raise money to build schools in the Caribbean and Africa. Empress body offers healthier alternative feminine hygiene products for a good cause. To purchase products visit


Feminine Hygiene Practices

Many womanhood woes are preventable, with the proper diet, exercise, thorough hygienic practices, and regular visits to the gynecologist; your vaginal health with be the least of your womanly worries. One of the most important things every Black woman should familiarize themselves with is their own body; pay attention to bodily changes and when they occur. Make note or download an app that will help you maintain record of your menstrual and ovulation cycle.

Make notice of how the changes in your diet affect your mood, vaginal secretions, and odors as some foods cause yeast; always practice safe sex, not only are STD’s, STI’s, HIV, and AIDS a real and serious matter, swapping fluids and vaginal secretions with multiple sex partners unprotected will bring on vaginal odors and infections like Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and Trichomoniasis. While these infections are curable they are also preventable. In addition, unless you are actively trying to conceive avoid internal male ejaculation; the acidity of semen offsets the PH levels of the vagina causing a foul stench to occur.

Shower frequently and avoid harsh soaps with dyes and toxic chemicals. Change your sanitary napkins often, don’t leave your tampons in for long periods of time, as this can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSD) which can be fatal. Cotton underwear is the best to purchase to keep your yoni dry and free of irritation. See a primary care provider or gynecologist regularly; if you currently do not have one, seek for options at medical facilities near you.

There are programs that offer reproductive medical services such as condoms, birth control, std testing, and treatment at low or not cost. Don’t be afraid or skeptical about taking control of your reproductive health; most great health care providers will advise you on the importance of advocating for your body because you should know you better than any medical professional. This knowledge can also help decide when to enlist holistic versus modern medical approaches.

A' cylo ( ˈā/ˈsil/ lō) - “I am a writer with a passion for using my voice to speak on the issues many refuse. My hobbies include writing, dancing, and gardening. I'm a fan of all shades of blue; with a slight addiction to popcorn, chips, and salsa. I teach but more importantly I learn; continuously. Did I mention I'm a writer; and I'm serious about my content"?!

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