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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For The Black Woman In Your Life

What better way to strengthen the black female community this holiday season than for us to lend financial support to each other? It’s important for us to remember to boycott institutions that don’t respect or value us and to lend most of our support to people and companies that are made for us and by us. As a result, we’ve collected a list of gift suggestions below which are sold at companies that are owned by black women, to help you have an easier time supporting black women this holiday season.

1. Chic Home Décor, Drinkware, Clothing and More from Pardon My Fro

This black, woman-owned company is all about selling products that black women can see ourselves in. From their home décor to shower curtains, as well as their wall print, tapestries, mugs and holiday cards, you’ll see gorgeous images of black women with natural hair.Their looks range from ultra-feminine to hipster and quirky, so you’ll have no trouble finding gifts for any type of black woman.

2. Dolls from My Kinda Thing

These afro puff crochet dolls come in a variety of complexions, outfits and hair ties. This is the kind of gift that can bringimmense joy to the young black girl in your life. It’s so important that black girls have dolls and toys that reflect our hair textures and skin complexions, and companies likeMy Kinda Thing are working hard to make sure it happens.

3. Eyeshadow from KuvitBeauty

If you know any black women who are into makeup (and even some who aren’t) don’t hesitate to get them some eyeshadow from KuvitBeauty. More and more black-owned beauty brands are popping up and KuvitBeauty is just one of the many high-quality shopsthat offer a range of eyeshadows.

4. Headwraps, Jewellry, Bead Bagsand More from FanmDjanm

Not only are their head wraps gorgeous and one-of-a-kind, but they come in a variety of styles, from plaid to African prints. FanmDjanmalsos sell bracelets, copper neck and arm cuffs, earrings, rings and more luxury items.

5. Skin Care Products from SkinBUTTR

It’s important to support the special companies that create products specifically designed for black skin. SkinBUTTR is one example of a business with carefully crafted, handmade products like whipped shea body butter and exfoliating scrubs,which come in scents like cocoa vanilla coffee, pomango and ginger lemon.

6. African Print Skirts and Dresses from Grass-Fields

There’s a reason Grass-Fields is one of my top five favorite companies and why I often have to restrain myself from splurging on their gorgeous skirts and dresses. Every single one of the pieces they sell are incredibly flattering and feminine with unique African prints and textures! As if that wasn’t enough, they also sell accessories and clothes for men and children.

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