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5 Black Female Fashion Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

For the most part, Instagram is a positive platform for black women to celebrate and be inspired by people who actually look like us. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for your wardrobe, or you need ideas on how to mix and match for a date night or a girls night out, there are tons of relatable and gorgeous black female fashion bloggers who’ve got you covered. One scroll through these ladies’ feeds will make you want to get a whole new wardrobe and up your beauty game before the New Year even starts.

1. Tolani A. V. @tolaniav

You’re probably already following Kiitan A. from @Kiitana but you may not have heard of her equally gorgeous bestie, Tolani. Tolani is the woman every black girl aspires to be, with an on-point “girl next door” fashion style, perfectly applied makeup and a gorgeous Afro. Thankfully, she’s also a YouTuber, so you can check out her channel if you want to learn how to be perfect in every way.

2. Cynthia @simplycyn

Cynthia is incredibly talented and multifaceted—not only is she a world traveler, but she’s also an attorney and an incredible fashionista. Even though travel isn’t always glamorous, Cynthia looks good everywhere she goes and you won’t be able to scroll through her feed without booking a trip somewhere (even if it’s just the nearest city to you).

3. Onyi & Craig @mossonyi

Not only are Onyi and Craig couple goals, but their instagram feed of travel, lifestyles and fashion is one of the most aesthetically pleasing, Pinterest-esque feeds you’ll find on Instagram. Although they already have thousands of followers, they deserve millions more! Onyi’s style is very chic, classy and glamorous, with long flows gowns and over-the-shoulder blouses and a color array of pinks, blacks and whites.

4. Whitney Madueke @whiteneymadueke

Whitney Madueke’s Instagram feed is the ray of positivity every dark-skinned woman needs in their life. She’s confident, gorgeous and full of joy—but most importantly, she’s real. She also has a YouTube channel where she shares hair care tips, and talks about what life is like in New York as a Nigerian immigrant. Her style is colorful and fun, and she’s never afraid to rock her natural hair or put on a bold red lipstick. She’s the type of girl-next-door that we could all be besties with!

5. Erica Matthews @ericafmstyle

Erica is a freelance fashion editor, YouTuber, stylist, blogger and mentor. Her Instagram bio reads: “follow me, you might start believing in yourself more” and it’s true, Erica’s kick-ass confidence and beauty skills are simply infectious! Her work has even been featured in Vogue, Stylist Magazine, Fader and Fashion Bomb Daily.

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