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Dark Skinned Black Women Who Have Contributed To Black American Culture: Giving Credit Where It Is

Historically dark skinned black woman promotion has not always been in our favor. Many of us have seen the stereotypical images promoted far more than those promoted here on DDS Magazine; however the misrepresentation of us didn’t just begin a few days ago, our images have been tainted for generations by American society causing some of our prominent and monumental figures in black American women history to be overlooked or less revered. This is a commemoration to you!

Barbara Ross Lee was the first black woman osteopathic physician to be appointed dean of a United States medical school. Barbara was a trailblazer during her work as the dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Ohio University, revamping the course of study and creating a blueprint for an innovative women’s curriculum.

She has received numerous accolades for her contributions to osteopathic medicine, served as an advisor on several prestigious committees such as, the Governor’s Minority Health Advisory in Michigan and the U.S . Public Health Service. Her scholarship has been orated in lecture halls across the country including scholarly publications; she is also the sister of Diana Ross, lead singer of The Supremes. Your mark will forever be ingrained in black history!

Lula Washington is a leader, teacher, affluent dancer and choreographer. Her interest for dance began at Los Angeles Harbor College; Lula learned of and was inspired by the works Alvin Ailey. She went on to further her studies at the University of California Los Angeles; initially she was denied admission, however Lula’s determination led her to advocate for her acceptance into UCLA’s dance program, where she established the Black Dance Association which created opportunities for more artist.

Lula has performed with and choreographed with some of the biggest names in American entertainment; she has worked with Al Green, Cher,and Barbra Striesand. Her choreographic collaborations include films AVATAR and Disney’s The Little Mermaid, and in 1995 Lula choreographed for NASA’s Mars Millennium Project. Lula Washington has been awarded for her works and contributions to her community. She is currently the artistic director of the Lula Washington Dance Theatre. Lula has performed nationally and abroad establishing a repertoire of a legendary choreographic genius.

Saundra Williams The very first Miss Black America made history as black America’s first ever beauty queen in the first pageant for black women. The pageant’s creation was due to a segregated America which prevented Black Women from competing in the Miss America pageant. Saundra Williams a Philadelphia native was crowned in 1969, during the pageant Saundra stated to the audience, “With my title I can show Black women they, too, are beautiful”, described as a, “tall slender, afro wearing beauty.” Some of her reigning successors on either the state or national level are media mogul Oprah Winfrey, R&B legendary 90’s hit maker Toni Braxton and A’cylo!

Their contributions have enriched our culture through education and medical practice, artistic creativity and leadership , self-love and appreciation for the black American woman phenotype.

A' cylo ( ˈā/ˈsil/ lō) – “I am a writer with a passion for using my voice to speak on the issues many refuse. My hobbies include writing, dancing, and gardening. A fan of all shades of blue; with a slight addiction to popcorn, chips and salsa. I teach but more importantly I learn; continuously. Did I mention I'm a writer; and I'm serious about my content?!”

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