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Must Have Back to School Accessories for Black Women & Girls

School is officially in session or will be quite soon for many Black women and girls nationwide. It has been proven that Black students seeing images that represent them have a positive effect on their academic success. Why not include these images in your classroom and dormitory needs? Check out these customized pieces created specifically for Black women and girls, whether you’re headed to your first day of elementary or obtaining your PHD, there are plenty of scholastic treats!

Kids Swag was founded by entrepreneur, wife, and mother Kim West of Canada. Her motto is “Inspiring confidence through representation.” The company launched in December 2016 with an aim to make it convenient for parents to purchase supplies that are reflective of their child’s image and create a learning environment they can be empowered by. Their website is filled with tons of relatable merchandise for Black girls. Since their launch, Kids Swag has been featured all over social media and the daytime talk show “The View”. Click HERE to prepare your child for an empowering school year!

Pardon my fro is a personal recommendation, they have a plethora of items that reflect the images of Black women and girls. In their back 2 School collection you will find backpacks, notebooks, lunch boxes, and clothing. Their ordering and shipment procedures are professional and products are of quality. Pardon My Fro also carries items for college and office professionals. In this collection you will find things like laptop covers, ottomans, journals, throw blankets, wall decor, and so much more! Shop HERE.

Urbantoons is another great source for back to school paraphernalia for primary school aged black girls. The company produces books, backpacks, and dolls. The brand was created by Ki’el Ibrahim of Philadelphia, PA with the mission to give back to the community by providing books that represent their readers rippling into a production of apparel and education resources. Their merchandise can be purchased HERE.

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