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When using the right products, skincare is effective enough on its own. However, if you’re someone who gets bored easily and likes to experiment, incorporating some tools into your skincare routine may be what you need. Though these items aren’t necessary and could actually be considered a luxury, they may help to optimize your routine so that your products give you better results.

There are a ton of high-tech skincare tools on the market that get rid of pimples with LED lighting, give you battery-operated facial massages, analyze your skin’s current health, and much more. But these tools are more practical and affordable, making them perfect for everyday use. With these, you really get your money’s worth while getting tangible results.

1.) Jade Roller

In Chinese culture, jade is a stone that for centuries has been believed to have healing properties. These include the ability to help drain toxins from the body and increasing blood flow in the skin, resulting in a firmer and brighter appearance. Truthfully, jade rollers aren’t a magical tool that will transform your face and turn you into a supermodel but it does have some good uses depending on what you need it for.

Jade rollers can be used for lymphatic drainage in the face (to reduce puffiness), help massage skincare products into the skin with serums and sheet masks, or you can put it in the freezer then gently roll it over your face to cool down. The price range varies widely, ranging from $8 to $40 but in my opinion, you don’t need to spend that much as they all do the same thing, real jade or not.

2.) African Bath Sponge

Not necessarily your traditional soft sponge, this item is more of a net that’s excellent for daily exfoliation and lathering bath products. It’s been used in West Africa for ages as opposed to the soft washcloths that most westerners use - which I find doesn’t get all the dirt and grime off. This sponge/net is a little rougher (though it softens over time) and allows you to get a cleaner wash when bathing. This results in smoother and cleaner skin that doesn’t have layers of sweat, dirt or oil left over. The best part is that these will also last you a while. There’s no need to put them in the washer, just thoroughly rinse them off and hang them when you’re done.

3.) Lancets

Popping pimples is often frowned upon but sometimes necessary and is fine if done right. The most important thing is that it’s done with sterilized tools and in a way that doesn’t irritate the skin - this can cause further PIH (post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation). It’s often recommended that you squeeze a pimple with your fingers until it bursts and then drain it. However, one of the best kept secrets I’ve discovered is to use lancets. These tiny needles come individually packaged, sterilized, and are intended for one-time use. They are originally made for doing blood samples for diabetics. So instead of using your fingers or needles that you have to sterilize before and after each use, you can use a lancet and be on your merry way! You can find them at your local drug store/pharmacy or on Amazon.

4.) Think Dirty App

While not a physical tool, this app lets you scan or manually search beauty products. It gives you a list of ingredients in the product, and a rating of each ingredient’s toxicity. If you want to be more conscious of the products you use but aren’t familiar with ingredients that can be harmful, this is a great app to use.

5.) Silk Pillowcase

We often tell naturals to sleep with a silk scarf or pillowcase to prevent breakage and retain moisture for the hair. But silk pillowcases are extremely beneficial to the skin as well. The same way sleeping on a cotton pillowcase dries out the hair, it dries out our skin and makes us more prone to wrinkles and deep lines. Investing in a silk pillowcase is a great way to start an anti-aging routine to help maintain your skins youthful appearance. This is especially good for those who have dry skin and have trouble keeping in moisture.

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