Should Black Women Cancel Eco Styler Gel?

Early last week there was some information circulating various social media platforms suggesting that consumers should stop using the very popular Eco Styler Gel due to its alleged cancerous causing chemicals. For many, the news was a hair heartbreak as this product is sought after by tons of black women, particularly those in the natural hair community. The gel is known for its long lasting hold, diverse styling, convenience, and affordable pricing. I myself am a frequent user of the product and decided to look further into the matter.

My research led me to the Natural Hair Community’s (NHC) most popular YouTubers, many of whom were/are users of the product. They used Eco Styler gel primarily for “wash and go’s” and slicked edges/baby hair designs and the feedback varied depending on the users personal experience with the product. There is a popular vlogger within the NHC that had a not so pleasant experience with the product and in turn, sounded the alarm sending many users into a slight frenzy (video below).

There are hair vloggers who suggest that because the product isn’t 100% natural, one can expect to encounter chemicals that could potentially have long term effects from consistent usage - like any other beauty product we use/consume. If you are an avid user of make-up, nail polish, lotions, perfumes, and other beauty enhancing products that aren’t 100% natural, vegan, or chemical free, the risk factor is equivalent. A consistent message stated across the board by many of the vloggers was to do your own product research. What works for someone else may not work for you; some ingredients can cause allergic reactions or simply not live up to the hype.

Another recommendation is to make your own gel from flaxseeds (video below) which is all natural. While there is a process, the benefits are well worth it. Flaxseed gel is in my opinion the best for holding the curl pattern, however if you are one that has to have sleek edges 24/7 this isn’t something I’d suggest. There are also other brands that offer similar results to Eco Styler gel, however they could be on the pricier side. As vlogger Lavishly Britt states, “you get what you pay for”. Cheaper products tend to have cheap/harmful ingredients and if styling gel is a part of your daily hair routine, then perhaps investing in better quality products is best. Bottom line: use discernment and always do your own product research.

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