10 Of The Best Sites For Dainty Jewelry

When I decided to get serious about becoming more feminine (to help boost my confidence), I knew that even though femininity is not strictly about physical appearance, how I looked would always play a huge role in how I felt. Coming into your femininity, in my opinion, requires the right balance of spiritual and emotional work that involves listening to and respecting your emotions, as well as playing the part physically. I’ve found that doing one without the other doesn’t give me the results I need to feel more feminine and womanly. If I look pretty but I’m always angry or stressed, or my spirit never feels right, the balance is off. If I’m doing great mentally and spiritually but am not keeping up with my looks, then I feel as though something is missing, I don’t feel confident enough in myself.

I’m a firm believer in the devil being in the details, I appreciate the little things in life because they always make the biggest difference. Washing and styling my hair after keeping it braided up for weeks can be a huge mood changer for me, or even something smaller like repainting my nails and toes. But one of my absolute favorite things to do to feel more soft and feminine is to wear dainty gold jewelry. I love charm bracelets, gold hoops, stacking rings, and especially layering necklaces. To be adorned and draped in gold always make me feel a little more beautiful and graceful. Here’s 10 online stores to start building your jewelry collection!

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1.) Love Stylize

2.) Frasier Sterling

3.) Ethereal Shoppe

4.) By Lolita Jewelry

5.) Dixie Graze

6.) Krown Jewels

7.) Vida Kush

8.) Vanessa Mooney

9.) The MJewelers

10.) HoneyBGold

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