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4 Black Travel Groups Every Black Woman Should Join

Do you dream of spending your days globe-trotting across the world, experiencing different cultures and cultivating friendships with people from various countries? Here are four travel groups that are building and shaping the Black Travel Movement and changing the narrative about what it means to Travel While Black. In the past, black travelers have been minimal and being a black traveler, meant you were in the minority. However, in recent years, black travel has become a strong, thriving movement with thousands of black people making trips to numerous parts of the world. With the appearance of the “black travel movement”, we’ve seen an increased need for black-owned travel startups that give resources, support and guidance for black travelers. Here are four travel companies, all led and founded by incredible black women!

1. Nomadness Travel Tribe

Nomadness was one of the first groups that offered representation of the millennial travel demographic, and more specifically, the black millennial demographic. They currently have over 19,000 black and brown nomads, who are collectively responsible for approximately 50 million dollars being contributed into the travel industry every year. They also have a web series called “The NOMADNESS Project”, which is co-executive produced by Evita Robinson and HBO ‘Insecure’s Issa Rae. “The NOMADNESS Project” documents the international travels of the Tribe group, interviews members living abroad and aims to understand life as an expat of color. Nomadness has a Facebook group, which is a must-join for any black traveler who wants to see the world. Members can chat about travel and trade tips, arrange international meetups as well as participate in group trips.

Watch the incredible Ted Talk by the group’s founder, Evita Robinson, on the importance of black travel:

2. Travel Noire

Travel Noire is a digital publishing platform that creates tools and resources for black millennial travelers. When the company’s founder Zim Ugochukwu searched for “black travelers” on google images and all that came up were six pages of black suitcases, she decided to put an end to black people’s underrepresentation in travel magazines, digital advertisements or in tourism campaigns. By creating Travel Noire, she sought to create an online magazine that focused on this underrepresented group of travelers and provided a place for engaging stories to be told about them. Travel Noire offers exclusive group trips called “Travel Noire Experiences” with destinations like Cuba, Bali, Zanzibar, Cape Town and other incredible places. They also offer a community course called Compass, which aims to give members the knowledge and tools necessary to travel the world, along with live Q&A calls and sessions with skilled experts. According to Travel Noire, travel is not simply a luxury, it is a priority. And you don’t need to be a millionaire to do it either.

3. Tastemakers Africa

Tastemakers Africa believes that you don’t have to travel to Europe or Asia to have an unforgettable travel experience. The company’s bold slogan is: “Travel Africa, Skip Mediocre”. According to Cherae Robinson, the company’s founder, it’s important to visit places like Senegal, Rwanda and Ghana, even though they are not traditionally considered relaxing vacation locations. Tastemakers Africa aims to shift global perceptions about Africa and encourage increased travel to the continent. The company also uses their mobile app to encourage and empower people of color to see more of the world, particularly the Motherland.

4. Black Girls Travel Too (BGTT)

According to their Facebook page, BGTT’s mission is to “inspire and empower women of color to step out of their own back yard to experience the world through travel”. The company started as an Instagram account in January of 2015 and has since become a massive movement which has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of black women and girls. Through fostering partnerships across the globe and building high quality customer care teams, the company aims to create travel experiences that “breathe life into Black women” and break down the paralyzing stigma that women of color are uncultured or undeserving of a life filled with travel. Founded by Danny Rivers-Mitchell, Black Girls Travel Too offers trips to many different parts of the world, and they aim to offer black women the freedom to cultivate lives of joy and to build unforgettable, life-changing experiences.

From June 2018 to August 2018, they’re offering trips to Cuba, Barbados and London, so visit their website to learn more!

This is one of the most highly regarded concepts about our BGTT journeys. “As they say, there are no random meetings in our lives, everyone we encounter has been put in our paths for a reason. We are intentional in our efforts to cultivate a sense of sisterhood in each journey we make with our tribe of ladies. With opportunities to venture to shops solo or navigate the town with the girls, dining together over delectable meals or mingling with the locals, you’re provided the freedom to run your own race, but together! You can be assured the vibe is genuine love, and experiential bonding. From the connections made, it isn’t uncommon for our ladies to link up after we return to the states, collaborate on business and even journey together again on another BGTT trip.

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