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5 Black Owned Skincare Brands To Check Out

Skincare is a lucrative industry in the beauty world, even more so now than ever. With the idea of self-care being mostly now being related to maintaining superficial beauty with elaborate multistep routines, skincare has definitely become a more serious but enjoyable aspect of many people’s daily routines now. And as with any other purchases we make, some of us want to be just as cautious and deliberate with who we decided to support by giving them our money.

Although there are plenty of popular and established skincare brands on the market already that have secured our trust with their reputations and popularity, it’s important that we branch out and support smaller Black-owned businesses in industries like these where Black-owned brands are far and few in-between, especially at affordable prices.

Nola Skin Essentials

Like most skincare brands that are all-natural and handmade, Nola Skin Essentials is a cruelty-free brand that offers plant-based skincare products for both the face and body. You can take your pick from more powerful and effective products from their line such as their Vitamin C Serum and Glycolic Acid Night Cream, or you can opt for simpler products like their Rose Hydration Mist or Ethereal Cleansing Water for clean, hydrated skin without risking irritation.