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14 Places To Buy Realistic Looking Afro Textured Hair Extensions

Afro-textured hair weaves, clip-ins and extensions are becoming more and more popular as black women are increasingly choosing to purchase hair that resembles the natural texture of their hair, as opposed to the bone-straight alternative. Thanks to the rise of the natural hair movement, there are plenty of affordable and accessible black-owned companies that sell stylish hair extensions, wigs, weaves and clip-ins that are kinky and coily-textured. If you’re still new to the game and need help finding some afro-textured hair pieces to rock this spring, here is a list of seven companies that sell high-quality pieces that will perfectly complement your natural hair!


Koil Hair sells wigs and clip-ins that can do anything your natural hair can do. That’s right – their wigs and extensions can be twisted, braided, stretched and blow-dried and curled. When you’re done styling your hair, simply wash and condition it and it will return back to its original state! The company’s goal is to help customers love their hair – and themselves – while slowly but surely becoming the “first luxury brand dedicated to Afro-textured hair”. Koil’s founder, Waveney Antoine, said, “Maybe a girl wants her 'fro to be a little bit fluffier and bigger, and that's fine. But at the very core, we want our girl to love her base self."

Visit the website for affordable and realistic afro-textured wigs, extensions and clip-ins that can be twisted, braided, stretched and curled!

2. Kurly Klips

Need to add some length or volume to your already gorgeous locs? Kurly Klips has the perfect solution! All their clip-ins and extensions are 100% human hair, which can be inserted into the hair and styled in just a couple of minutes! There are also tons of positive reviews about the company’s products online and some customers have shared that their wigs and clip-ins have lasted for more than a year! With such high-quality products, it’s no wonder why the company has already been featured in Essence, BlackHair UK, Huffington Post, Curly Nikki, Black Girl Long Hair and Natural Belle.

In an interview with BGLH, company founder Lana Boone stated, “The cool thing about natural hair is that our hair textures are like snowflakes; no two heads are alike. You can purchase from a store with 50 different textures, but you will likely have to apply some of these same techniques anyway. Some companies might focus on expanding into texture after texture, but right now, our focus is on building a high quality brand that puts a premium on customer service.”

3. My Natural Hair Extensions

The best part about My Natural Hair Extension is that the company doesn’t simply sell you some weave and send you on your way to figure it all out by yourself. Instead, they aim to inform ladies like you and I about how to keep your hair healthy, strong and happy at all times. Their Kinky Curly and Afro Kinky line both type 4 hair that will blend effortlessly with your natural hair. Also, the color ranges from deep brown to black and the locs can be colored, trimmed, dyed or flat ironed.

4. Heat Free Hair

Heat Free Hair is also 100% virgin human hair and comes in wefted hair, closures, wigs and clip-ins. Need more convincing? The owner, Ngozi Opara, is a natural hair stylist and a certified Hair manufacturing technologist and the company is run by a small group of natural hair enthusiasts and everyday black women just like you and me. Heat Free Hair also owns the factory that makes the company’s products.

5. King Me Hair

All the wigs and extensions from King Me Hair are so natural-looking that they’ll look like they grew right out of your scalp. The company sells partial wigs, bulk hair for braiding, full lace wigs, wefts, closures, and bulk hair which are all supplied from one donor and each hair piece is carefully inspected prior to shipment. Their five main textures include King Me Kurly, King Me Kinky, King Me Kinkier, King Me Koily, as well as King Me Koarse, which all cater to women with hair types that range from 3B to 4C.