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Career Paths That Help Dark Skinned Black Women To Flourish

As a dark skin Black woman you may have noticed the discriminatory and constrictive practices of the corporate world. Having to encounter experiences with racism, colorism, sexism, stereotypes, and prejudice can weigh in on decisions to pursue certain career paths and occupational interests. Our resilience provides us with an innate ability to acquire success on any level in any position in which we set out to achieve; however some of us may find that career paths liberal in work policy offers an occupational experience which allows for us to be authentically ourselves through self expression, creativity, and flexibility;an environment that permits for us to put into practice the skills we naturally possess simultaneously fueling our passion leading to lucrative careers accommodated with longevity.


There are many humbling beginnings to becoming self employed, however all of the countless hours dedicated to marketing, branding, financial investments, and more lay the groundwork for a hidden beauty! The sacrifices manifest your vision of your ideal work environment baring financial fruition and plenty of other self governing perks! As the CEO/Boss you are at liberty to create or provide products/services of your interest for or to whomever. You are the creator of the work space, hours of operation, dress code and additional operating policies, staffing, salary, and work culture. Each of the freedoms alleviate many of the career stressors associated with having to assimilate to inorganic experiences occurring in the American professional realm.


A career in education is a multifaceted profession offering a variety of teaching levels beginning with in home, primary, middle and high school, community, online, and University. Each teaching level educates on an array of subjects; the arts, sciences, arithmetic, history, literature, life skills, and trades. This field promotes skill set diversity and room for personal expression through dress, hair style, culture, and combining personal uniqueness with your teaching style. As an educator you are in a position to teach while still learning which makes a more empowering instructor. The salary in education can vary depending on location, level of instruction, whether you’re teaching within the private or public sector, and credentials.

A career in education is also a clever way for the world to learn who we are, project our image proud and properly, promoting our divine essence to the masses. An article published by CNN news discusses that students of all races have a preference for teacher diversity. Students felt as though their Black and Latino teachers made instruction more clear and could relate to their personal experiences, according to Jacqueline Howard (author). As women we are naturally the first teachers and as dark skin Black women we carry fundamental qualities to command a room. Use your magic!

The Arts

The arts supply dark skin Black women with a profusion of options to creatively create and mold the images portrayed. We are not one dimensional; the dark skin Black woman can be heard by her words through writing, express her feelings through paintings and drawings, she can be seen through her roles in theatre, film and media, and convey her moods through the movement of her dance and the sounds of her singing heart; all whilst capturing our most memorable moments with photography. As an artist your talents have the power to guide the culture in an upward direction; consider the stories you tell through your art. Your gifts bestow upon you the power to redefine and reconstruct what it means to be a Black woman with dark skin. It has been said that when you are doing what you love all else shall follow. Go on….create!


Traveling as a profession comes with numerous advantages; for starters you can see the world at the expense of your employer. Whether you are a traveling nurse, teaching abroad, flight attendant, or cruise ship crew; the global door of opportunity awaits. Upon observation it seems as if companies that provide a service to the masses put a greater emphasis on a diverse staff to accommodate their clientele. This profession is great to pursue for the women who may not be set on living in a particular region, tied to heavy commitments, or looking to build their travel resume’. Here’s a chance to see the world and the world can have an opportunity to see you!

The goal with career selection is to find something you genuinely enjoy doing, which will in turn draw in the prophets. Thoroughly access yourself and figure out what your natural talents are. Be honest, don’t select a career choice because it is what others want; consider whether your potential career choice is something that you find exciting. After all you don’t want to be that woman who went to Medical School only to rediscover that you really want to pursue your dream of opening a restaurant. Find your niche and go for it!

A' cylo ( ˈā/ˈsil/ lō) – “I am a writer with a passion for using my voice to speak on the issues many refuse. My hobbies include writing, dancing, and gardening. A fan of all shades of blue; with a slight addiction to popcorn, chips and salsa. I teach but more importantly I learn; continuously. Did I mention I'm a writer; and I'm serious about my content?!”

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