We're Still Drooling Over The Women's Fashion in Black Panther

Even if you're not necessarily into comics (raises hand) I think you will agree that Marvel's Black Panther film was pretty damn excellent. The regal beauty of the black women in the film alone was enough to have me all up in my feels. From head to toe, the Dora Milaje and woman Wakandans proved to us that nobody does bald like black women and that our beauty is irrefutably unmatched.

Feminine and fierce is what comes to mind when awing at the allure, intelligence and bad ass of these African female soldiers. This means a hell of a lot coming from someone who doesn't at all prefer to see black women depicted as warriors. I for one crave to see more dark skinned black women in particular portrayed as sweet love interests and princesses that are rescued by knights in shining armor. Being that our image is constantly displayed with such crudity and aggression, this would be a breath of fresh air. I, however, enjoyed Black Panther for what it was and was beyond ecstatic that the female characters did not lose their femininity on the battlefield.

One obvious way that this delicate balance was achieved was through the memorable and impeccable fashion in the film. Oscar nominated costume designer Ruth Carter and her team were sure to compliment the Wakandan ladies with a wardrobe that was not only immaculate but packed with reminisces of African culture. Inspired by traditional and contemporary African fashion, many have described the wardrobe like the film, "Afro-Futuristic".

Carter says she drew inspiration for the attire from several African tribes and told The Atlantic "The textile production, hand-dyeing, and beading techniques of the Tuareg, Zulu, Maasai, Himba, and Dinka peoples helped inspire an eclectic color palette: deep aubergine and crimson, effervescent chartreuse and tangerine, rich jade and silver." She says she wanted to "show the world the beauty of tribal dress and move that forward in a more modernistic way".

Well I must say that Carter and her team did just that and completely knocked it out of the park! The designer definitely showcased her years of expertise by accenting the amazing cinematography and graphics in Black Panther with just as captivating garments.

See more of what she had to say about her "very intimidating" creative process in the interview below

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