3 Women Remind Us That Colorism Is A Global Epidemic

When the topic of colorism arises, I often hear black Americans say, "Only black people focus on skin tone" or Africans will proclaim, "Colorism is a black American problem". While I totally get that colorism manifests differently in various communities, it sometimes amazes me when people don't realize that this is an international problem.

All it takes is a simple Google search to find that women of color especially, from all over the world are and have been negatively impacted by colorism for centuries.

In the following video, three UK women, different ethnic backgrounds, talk candidly about colorism in Nigerian culture, Indian culture, Bollywood movies and in dating and relationships. They remind us that outside of our little American bubble, colorism rears it's ugly head throughout the globe.

Listen to their brief yet thorough colorism commentary below.

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