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Serena Williams Delivery Story Highlights Childbirth Risks for Black Women

Serena Wiliams February 2018 Vogue spread with 4-month-old daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. caused women everywhere to coo over the bundle of joy and glowing first time mommy. After her much publicized fairy tale wedding, Serena is a shining illustration of a seemingly picture perfect life.

However, in her candid interview with Vogue, Serena opens up about her not so perfect childbirth experience. She details her emergency c-section and life-saving self-diagnosis after her medical staff didn’t immediately have regard for her concerns.

Thankfully, the new mom is well and lived to tell a story that is more common than not with black mothers. Due to the well known racial disparities in America, black women’s experience with motherhood is very unique and sometimes fatal.

While the following information should not scare black women into not having children (if they desire them), it’s important to know our specific risks so that we can plan our pregnancies accordingly.

Take a look at our childbirth facts list below to learn more about how childbirth affects you as a black woman (click each fact for more information):

The important points to take from this information are:

1. If you have a doctor that doesn’t take your pregnancy concerns seriously, find another who will

2. Be diligent about choosing a healthcare provider that instinctively feels right for you and your child

3. Pay close attention to your body while pregnant and if you feel something isn’t right, seek care immediately

4. Never skip out on prenatal care or miss a doctor’s appointment

5. Consider your timing, financial position, age and mental health before getting pregnant as these are all factors that affect the outcome of childbirth

All in all motherhood is beautiful and children can be a pleasure to have. Hopefully with this knowledge, you can make your experience even better.

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