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Self Control is the True Key to Beauty

Throughout life, we tend to view things that are not in our control, in a negative light. We may sometimes think why couldn't we be born with certain traits/ characteristics? Why are we stuck with certain attributes we cannot change. It can be frustrating. However, knowing exactly what you have control over, is extremely powerful in regards to your looks. Knowing what you can actually change, and improve about yourself IS beautiful.

1. Do not compare your life to others

You may sometimes wonder why you don't look like the next Naomi Campbell. Or why we all can't have bodies like her. I know. But, the people who are successful, made a name for themselves. If you keep comparing yourself to others, you most likely will not get the result that you want. But if you embrace your uniqueness and strive to be the best version of Y-O-U that you can be, it will help you a lot.

2. You have control over your mind

You have every right to block out negativity! If you have negative thoughts about yourself, you need to listen to that hopeful voice in side yourself (everybody has it). Listen to the voice that says that you CAN change! A good way to practice this is through positive affirmations. Write a list of all the negatives you tell yourself on a daily basis, then next to it write down a positive to counteract the negative. Write ways you can change the negative or simply just block it out. This will not be an easy change if you are a pessimist, but the more you work at it, you will see a difference.

3. You have control over your body