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Black Owned Body Butters That'll Make You Smell Like A Snack

When it comes to Black owned businesses, there’s no shortage of body butters, let’s be frank. But I’d rather have an over-saturated market of body butters than none at all, because we can’t afford to be walking around ashy. Most drugstore lotions or body lotions filled with perfume and additives like Bath and Body Works or Victoria’s Secret don’t always get the job done. Most lotions either smell good and still leave you ashy, or they moisturize but they stink. Or don’t smell like anything at all. I for one plan on having the world’s largest body butter collection and that is nothing to be ashamed of. By the end of this post I hope to have you turned into a fellow beauty product junkie.

Skin Buttr

Created by model and ANTM contestant Tatiana Elizabeth Price, this line of both skincare and body care aims to give you a simple routine with simple ingredients.

Butter Me Up Goods

This company’s body butter selection is literally like a bakery for your body with scents like Chocolate Creme Truffle, Apple Glazed Cinnabun, and Buttercreme Cheesecake. It’s guaranteed that you’ll want to eat yourself.

Nude Acacia

This Etsy Shop is based in Chicago and more than abundant with deliciously scented products like Vanilla Bean Soap, Raspberry Lemonade Whipped Soap, and cupcake-shaped soaps with scents like Pumpkin Spice and Black Raspberry & Vanilla. If that hasn’t sold you yet, they also sell a golden body butter that makes your skin glisten and glow like nothing you’ve ever seen.


I briefly mentioned this brand in a post about my haircare routine since their Brazilian Mango Butter does wonders for the skin and the hair. Their Chocolate Smoothie butter made with raw cocoa butter and a blend of oils such as coconut and almond oil will have you mistaken for a chocolate bar, I promise.

Shea Shea Bakery

Even though it’s not food, this entire site will give you an immediate sweet tooth. Bubble Bath Jam Jars, Lemon Pound Cake Soap, Peach Cobbler Whipped Soap… I wouldn’t be mad at you if you secretly ate it, honestly.

Foxie Cosmetics

Foxie Bombs is where minimalism and fun come together to make bath and body products like Violet Beauregarde Cake bath bombs and Cranberry Body Butter to make your bathroom look cuter and make bath time a little less boring.

Belle Butters

If you want to smell fruity or like a savory pumpkin pie, Belle Butters has you covered on both ends of the spectrum.