5 Simple Ways to Accentuate your Dark Skin

The easiest way to get through life and to love yourself is to learn to work with what you already have. It’s always encouraged in women to do what makes us happy, even if it means changing the features we were born with and working against them. I find that’s especially true with Black women, especially with our hair and skin. Instead of accentuating our unique and beautiful features, we often mask them or don’t attempt to bring attention to them at all. I talked about this with our hair and now I’m encouraging you to do the same with your skin.

Despite what anyone on this planet says, I firmly believe from the bottom of my heart that having dark skin is one of the best blessings you can have. It’s beautiful, rich, and is exotic in it’s own right.

Find the Right Colors

Anyone who’s ever said [insert color] doesn’t look good on dark skin is a boldfaced liar. Why? Because literally every color in the world looks good on dark skin, it’s just a fact. I feel like many dark skinned people actually shy away from bright and bold colors because of the attention it brings, and I say to embrace those colors and work with the contrast it gives your skin. Crisp white, mustard yellow, tangerine, turquoise, etc. are some of my favorite colors because of how well they compliment my skin.

Alternatively, working with neutrals and various nude shades like olive green, beige, Browns, etc. also look just as good on dark skin since they’re all in the same color family.

Gold Highlighter

Major key, but don’t overdo it because you don’t want to look like Tin Man. For your pleasure only I’ve created 2 masterposts of the best highlighters for dark skin. Though opalescent highlighters are my favorite, I also do think gold is a spectacular color to use when trying to accentuate dark skin. The key is to use it sparingly and not be heavy handed with it because you don’t want it to be obvious that you’re wearing highlighter, you want it to look like your glowing from within. Dusting a gold highlighter on the cheekbones, a little bit on the tip of the nose, and the inner corners of your eyes will give you that golden brown glow to your skin.

Experiment With Hair Colors

I’ve noticed that lighter shades of brown and even some shades of blonde (when done correctly) look stunning on dark skin because the presence of various shades of brown compliment each other. If you wear wigs, you could try venturing out to colors like #4 or an ombré with a caramel brown or sandy blonde to compliment your skin tone. Going for jet black hair will also help make your skin tone stand out as well.

It All Starts With Skincare

As with everything else, I got you covered with skincare advice that I’ve published here on DDS magazine. Your skincare routine will really determine how popping your skin looks at the end of the day. Ensuring that your skin is properly hydrated, moisturized, and making sure you’re actively treating any skin issues such as acne and dark spots will make your skin looks ten times better.

Don’t Be Afraid of The Sun

We’ve all had at least one friend or relative that warned us to stay out of the sun so that we don’t get any darker but we all know now that that’s complete crap, you should really be pushing yourself to do the opposite. Not only does getting at least 15 minutes a day of sunlight improve your mental health which is crucial for the winter, but it also helps to maintain the glow and tone of your skin so that you don’t end up becoming lighter with full skin. Embrace the sun and all the glory it has to give. And don’t forget to swear your SPF!

“Erin Dyana is a freelance writer with a focus on pop culture, criticisms, and beauty. Her work has been featured in Teen Vogue, Urban Social TV, Wear Your Voice Magazine, Clementine Zine, and Philadelphia Print Zine. In her free time she likes to create art, watch films, read books, and eat everything in sight."

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