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New Game “Hair Nah” Centers on Black Hair

Unfortunately, as black women we often have to field off rude, invasive questions about our hair. It doesn’t matter whether you wear it natural, relaxed, or place a protective style over it like a wig or a weave, sometimes people will still reach for your hair and touch it, without first asking for permission!

Thankfully, this new online game, Hair Nah, is for black women who are tired of people touching our hair without permission. It was created by a black woman for black women, and it lets you design a character, then smack away anyone who tries to touch your character’s hair. The game has a wide range of character selections to choose from, as there are many skin complexions and hair styles from faux locs, braids, to the teeny weeny afro.

The fun game was created by Twitter user Momo Pixel, who goes by the account name @MomoUhOh. The website describes the game as “a travel game about a black woman who is tired of people touching her hair”. Momo Pixel did an interview with Buzzfeed, where she revealed that she created the game because she was fed up with microaggressions such as white people touching her hair, so she created Hair Nah to give black women an outlet, and to let the rest of the world know how impolite and rude it is to touch someone’s hair without asking for permission.

If you win the game, you see the screen below:

Think it’s easy to swat away all the hands? Think again. In order to win the game, you need to be very focused since it can be pretty difficult to get past the rounds and win each level. The fact that the game is so difficult and stressful reminds us of what many black women go through on a daily basis.

The response to the game has been overwhelming, with multitudes of black women responding positively to the online experience. According to Pixel, over 30 000 people have played the online game.

Even Buzzfeed employees had a crack at the game:

In her Buzzfeed interview, Pixel stated, “Seeing so many people relate to it is so amazing. It’s the best part of it all. It’s so affirming to make a game of your own and people really love it. I just see black people loving on black people. We dope.”

Ready to play the game? Click here to start.

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