9 Podcasts for and by Black Women

I didn’t realize how entertaining and helpful podcasts can be until I actually gave them a chance. I thought all of them were just long episodes of people rambling that I would eventually get bored from and zone out of, but obviously not all podcasts are like that. Podcasts are basically like youtube videos without the footage, like an interesting conversation that you’re sort of eavesdropping on from the sidelines. Earlier this year I started listening to podcasts during my free time and replacing my music with it during my commutes on the bus or in the car and I love it.

Podcasts hosted by Black women are hands down the best ones you can listen to because who else is funnier and smarter than us? No one! These podcasts may make you laugh, they might even make you cry, but know that either way it’ll be time well-spent!

Gettin’ Grown

Because none of us really know what we’re doing as we grow up, we’re all sort of just winging adulthood and Keia and Jade right here beside us every confused step of the way to help us through it. With discussions and advice on adulting, self-care for Black women, and the occasional pop culture gossip, Gettin’ Grown is the shining beacon of light for us confused adults.

Therapy for Black Girls

If nothing else, this should be the one podcast you subscribe to and listen to on a regular basis. Hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist based in Atlanta, this podcast discusses everything from relationships, racism, eating disorders, mental illnesses, etc. from a psychologist’s perspective and offers advice to help deal with those issues for Black women.

Black Girl Nerds

One of my absolute favorites, this podcast is hosted by none other than Jamie Broadnax, the creator of Black Girl Nerds. If you like comics/movies/shows like The Avengers, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, X-Men, etc., this is no doubt the podcast for you. Episodes feature roundtable discussions on the topic and interviews with artists like John Boyega, Riz Ahmed, Faith Evans, and even auntie Oprah herself.


Targeted towards young professionals on the rise, Joymarie and Cortney offer career advice with candid conversations about money, freelancing, building your online presence, handling perfectionism, and lots more. This podcast is perfect for millennials in particular since it’s a goldmine of advice for and from people from all different types of career fields.

Mmhmm Girl

If you ever envision yourself relaxing on your couch with a glass of wine, candles lit with some good food, this is the kind of podcast that would be playing in the background. Lola and Babz are here to give you a good time with uncensored commentary on everything socially relevant in pop culture and whatever else is on their minds at the time.

Black Girl in Om

Self-care in the form of a podcast. Hosted and created by Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory, this podcast aims to aide Black women and women of color on a spiritual journey of self-love, reclaiming your womanhood, and simply becoming your best self. Topics include skincare advice from professionals, sisterhood, veganism, manifesting greatness, and lots more.

Mixed Signals

Gossip, misandry, and sex are the name of the game for this podcast. If you need a good laugh and don’t mind ample cursing while discussing things like terrible dates, sending nudes, and drinking cheap wine, these unfiltered women are here to give you what you need.

Brutally Honest

During a widespread twitter discussion a little while ago about rap culture and fans letting abusive rappers continue to prosper, I came across Karlie Hustle’s podcast on her 11th episode where she talked about how with these musicians we continue to ignore morality and doing the right thing in favor of supporting dangerous men in the music industry. I was hooked immediately because of how refreshing it was to hear something outside of the usual popular opinion. If you like the truth and nothing but the truth, this is for you.

Another Round

Last but not least, this Buzzfeed podcast hosted by Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton is another podcast to make you laugh while discussing topics like pop culture, race, and everything you can think of in between with guests like Jennifer Lewis, Zane, Levar Burton, Jamila Woods, Cory Booker, and tons more.

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