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Charity Organizations To Support

'Tis the season of giving! If you have the funds, are financially stable, and are able to provide for your family during the holidays, why not lend a helping hand to somebody less fortunate? There are many ways to get involved during the holidays and places to volunteer to help. Below is a list of organizations that you can contribute to.

1. Institute for Black Charities (IBC)

Assists black children, families and communities. This program is designed to help those in need of everyday essentials. They collect resources and give them to the poor and provide programs to help children have a better life. You can visit www.blackcharities.net for more information.

2. Samaratin's Purse

An international charity organization designed to help families through a series of crisis through the entire year. You can donate money to the program, help build, participate in fundraising for the organization, etc. visit samaratinspurse.org for more information.

3. Books for Africa

A charity organization designed to help end the shortage of books in Africa. These books are donated to students of all ages. For more tips on getting involved visit booksforafrica.org.

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