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Black Dolls With Natural Hair

As a young black girl, I owned just about every doll. Out of every activity there was to do as a kid, my favorite thing to do was play with dolls. Why? You could live vicariously through these perfect dolls. The problem it created for me, was that I favored all the features that came with those dolls. Unfortunately, those features, were nothing like my own. I'd walk in the biggest toy companies, and see nothing but light, bright, and primarily white dolls all over the place. The few black dolls I did see promoted were pretty much just white dolls painted black. They didn't have natural hair.

I write all this to let black mothers know, that it is so important to get your daughter to appreciate her blackness as young as possible. Black dolls with natural hair will teach your daughter how to care and style hair that is similar to her own texture. It will show your daughter that her hair is acceptable. Down below you will find a list of black dolls you can order online. The best part is- They have NATURAL hair!

Cost: $79.99

Product details: Doll comes with hand bag, galaxy pants, blue shirt and blue heels. She can be found on along with several other beautiful black dolls.

Cost: $40.00

Product details: Chocolate Diva with shaved side part. Beautiful kinky locks down barbie's back. Sold on Etsy by NaturallyMeDolls.

Cost: $60.00

Product details: handmade crochet doll out of yarn. Long braids. Purple shoes, and blue sweater. Sold on Etsy by Leen Green Bean.

Monet – “My name is Monet. It is said the same way as singer Janelle (Monae)! Friends and family call me Naisy (neigh•zee). Writing has always been my passion. My other hobbies are playing piano, cooking, working out (Pilates and tae Kwan do), reading and beauty/skin care”

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