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Christmas Gift Ideas for your Daughters

Christmas is a time of giving and getting but let's not forget the biggest...SPENDING! As black American consumers, we can put our cultural traditions into the meaning of giving. What kind of gifts do you desire to buy for your child? Have you thought about buying her something representative of herself? Something that she is going to hold onto and hold value for a long time? If you need gift ideas and where to find them, keep reading.

Brown toy box is designed to put the culture back in Christmas! It is a website that contains a build a box system. You will have to select an age range, gender, choose a plan, and place your order. The plan can be canceled anytime and can be ordered in just enough time for the holiday season. Each box for each child contains toys, books, decor, learning activities and fashion. The products in the box are from black owned companies. This website supports black women entrepreneurs and your black daughters. You can find their products on

Afrocenchix has a black owned online shop dedicated to black hair care. They have many products for type 4 hair from shampoos to moisturizers and hair scarves. If you are looking for a gift to give to your black daughter, you can visit their website at

If you want to give your daughter fashion that screams "black and proud!", there are many great shops for that as well. sells all the latest apparel and designs topped off with a pro black phrase written on clothing. They make clothes for adults and children.

You can start ordering all your stuff now or just keep this article for a collection of ideas. Shopping can be hectic and expensive, but make your dollars count and spend it towards something meaningful!

Monet – “My name is Monet. It is said the same way as singer Janelle (Monae)! Friends and family call me Naisy (neigh•zee). Writing has always been my passion. My other hobbies are playing piano, cooking, working out (Pilates and tae Kwan do), reading and beauty/skin care”

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