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Therapy For Black Women and Girls

Meet Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, creator of “Therapy for Black Girls”, a space committed to the mental wellness of Black girls and women. Dr. Joy is a licensed Psychologist, residing in Georgia. Some of her areas of focus include but are not limited to: depression, work/life balance, and self-esteem improvement. Dr.Joy received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Xavier University (Louisiana), she has a Master’s in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, as well as a Phd in Counseling Psychology.

In addition to providing therapy sessions for Black women and girls, Dr. Joy host a podcast where she and her guest discuss topics on respectability and sexuality, sisterhood, impacts of racism on mental health, and getting what you need from relationships, to mention a few. The “Therapy For Black Girls” website ( is loaded with resources, including a therapist directory. This feature is designed to connect potential clients with mental health professionals across the country. To locate a therapist in a nearby city all you need to do in click the tab that says “therapist directory”, select your state and search for the professional fit to meet your needs.

Another perk is that over half of the Therapist listed resemble ourselves. This is pertinent as I see it as one of the primary reasons our community finds therapy/counseling to be taboo. Representation matters, being able to relate to the person you are divulging your life’s most fragile and intimate accounts to aids in the comfortability of the process. Seeking out mental health professionals that resemble us provides a sense of security in that the person has a first hand in depth understanding of or uniqueness as a people, our history and culture, even our collective trauma. Chances are these professionals are more inclined to cater to our specific needs because of this relation.

If cost is a concern and you have health insurance look into your coverage to see whether your healthcare provider will cover the fees. If you do not have insurance I suggest utilizing the directory and reaching out to inquire what other options are available that can assist in providing you with services. Keep in mind that making the decision to seek professional help for your mental state does not make you “crazy” for lack of a better term, in fact it is quite the opposite; it is an act of self love. In the same manner you’d make that annual trip to your primary care or gynecologist for any concerns or a simple check-up, your mental health deserves the exact care and attention. Your health in it’s totality matters, mental and physical.

Ms. Lowery – “I reside in Los Angeles, Ca. I am former middle school teacher currently working in social service. My hobbies are reading, dance, gardening, and traveling.”

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