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Black Twitter has an App Called Blitter

We Tried Blitter, The New App For Black Twitter

Watch out Twitter, you just might have a competitor. Its name is Blitter. Users have been flocking to the black-owned social networking app, since it was first released a week ago on Thursday, October 5, 2017.

Those who download Blitter are immediately greeted with a string of informative messages from the company’s founder, Patrick Francis, in which he explains the app’s unique features.

On Blitter, users can post 120 character-long “blits”, along with photos and short 15-second videos. The app is also just as interactive as Facebook and Twitter because it gives users the ability to follow each other, like posts, comment publicly, or message privately or in group chats.

What’s the best part of Blitter? It’s free, there are no ads and its designed to protect its users from the vitriol often found on other social media websites!

On the iTunes store the app description firmly states, “Any posts or comments displaying racism, sexism, or hate speech will result in account deletion.”

Blitter’s team certainly has its hands full as the company continues to achieve new heights. Just one week after its release, Blitter reached the Top 20 on the iTunes chart for free social networking services.

Some users have bemoaned the similarities between the app’s name Blitter and the well-known social networking service, Twitter.

Others are eager to support a black-owned app that may be able to compete with other social networking companies.

Regardless of the criticism, Blitter seems to have plenty of potential. Firstly, Blitter’s unique anti-hate policies may also resonate with its users and draw traffic to the app. Secondly, it is marketed towards black people, who make up a large portion of the users on social networking sites and are also a demographic that often lead cultural trends. If Blitter receives a stamp of approval from the black community, it just might be here to stay.

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