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Your Emergency Prep Guide

When it comes to prepping for emergencies, you can never have enough information. It is not uncommon for black people to not be as prepared as we should. Hearing the news about the disasters that are happening around the world, has everybody in alert. However, I want to stress that, we should always be alert and prepared for disasters even before they reach the news. Preparing for emergencies should be a constant habit. The more you prepare, the less you have to stress about. Keep reading for more in depth details of items you should have in case of a disaster.

When it comes to food, you of course want to have items that do not need refrigeration. These are items that can be prepped easily needing just water. Items are: cereal, hot cereal, canned goods, seeds, life water and anything that can obviously be stored away without need of electric kitchen appliances.

Keep in mind that knowing various ways to cook food will also come in handy. Make sure you have several heat source options such as matches, a folding stove, butane stove, etc.

Toiletries such as: waterless shampoo would come in handy. An extra toothbrush and toothpaste should be included in you emergency kit. Emergency blankets that are sealed up and can fit in you pocket would be useful. First aid kits would definitely be essential.

When it comes to preparing for survival, the essentials are important, but why not go the extra mile? Think if you were actually in a disastrous situation, you would want to have more than food and shelter. Not that this is the most important thing, but if you are prepared in every other way,why not add entertainment? There are board games such as, Checkers, Uno, Playing Cards, Puzzles, Jacks, Small Balls to toss, Travel compact board games, word find books, coloring books, Bingo, and paddle balls. Now of course should a natural disaster place, games are not going to be the first thing on your mind at all. However, I highly stress that after you take care of the food, water, first aid kits, documents, and all more important things, it will not hurt to add entertainment.

Ebony_prepper on instagram makes prepping a hobby! "#iaintgoingoutlikethag"she writes on instagram and shows countless ways to prep and style for any kind of emergency. When asked how she preps, she says "Simplified most people ask, how do I began to prepare for a disaster. Don't think of it as preparing for a disaster. Think of it as preparing for everyday readiness and thriving". For more prep information you can follow her on instagram. Keep this article as a guide for in depth readiness.

Monet – “My name is Monet. It is said the same way as singer Janelle (Monae)! Friends and family call me Naisy (neigh•zee). Writing has always been my passion. My other hobbies are playing piano, cooking, working out (Pilates and tae Kwan do), reading and beauty/skin care”

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