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Everyday Self Defense

Protection is the art of safeguarding someone or something. This is why bodyguards are hired and we install security systems in our cars and homes. But really the best we can do is be preventative.

Personal protection

1. Be aware and alert about your surrounding at all times

2. Let someone know about your plans.

3. Keep your cell phone charged.

4. Car precautions - make sure you have gas, extra motor oil and spare tires. Take the car in for schedule tune-ups and oil changes or do it yourself if you can.

5. House precautions - if you don't have a security system installed, then make sure that your house is lit. By installing motion sensor lights, when you drive up or walk out of your house you won't be faced with darkness. If you have a pet they can always double as warning signals or guards.

6, Meeting friends decide on a designated place and time.

7. if these are acquaintances then ask a friend to come along. if that is not possible then give them the required info in case you need them.

8. Cell phones have GPS and tracking apps that can help to locate some one. Keep your cellphone charged.

Self Defense classes

There are many forms of self defense courses available. Some involves carrying a weapon such as a gun or learning hand to hand techniques such as martial arts.

Judo, Karate, Wing Chun, Tae kwon do, Brazilian JinJitsu, Caperia, are some popular forms of martial arts. Working your way up through levels and degrees of belts help to train the mind and body to move as one. it also teaches discipline, focus and how to utilize the space around you.

Weapons as extensions of self

Hands and feet has deadly weapons. I hate to disappoint, but there is no such law in the US. This is a myth created by martial artists and boxers who were often challenged by the public to prove a point. In order to avoid conflict and injury this was a line often used. it also eventually was used as a way to promote the athlete and sport.

Guns are the most popular form of a weapon in the US thanks to the NRA (National Rifle Association). Some of the more known models are the Magnum .45 and the AK-47 due to the movies. The basic things required to own a gun are a background check, gun license, gun registration and firearm training. The type of gun determines how much paperwork needs to be filled out. The laws from state to state go from strict to lack, for instant New York and California have the strictest laws. While states like Texas and Ohio are looser. These difference can be seen in certain areas such as open carry; concealed weapon or not; and even whether the gun and the ammunition are stored together or separate. If this is the path that you follow make sure to find out the laws in your state.

Other forms of protection

House and Auto are required to have insurance. There are some stipulations in policies that are there to help protect the public and the environment. Fire alarms, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms and fire extinguishers are recommended. They should be checked every six months or annually depending on the usage. Vehicles that have safety features such running day lamps, lo-jack systems, helps to save you money on your insurance.

Just by following some of these rules will help to make you a bit safer.

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