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Quick Leg & Ab Workout w/Tiffany Rothe

Legs. We love them right? There are so many different parts to love about the legs. The calves, the thighs, the adductors, and the whole leg anatomy. Well, we want to let you know how to get those legs tight and right! Five minutes of this multi beneficial workout done routinely, and see a difference in your abdominal, thighs, butt, and posture. With that, we found Tiffany Rothe's video.

The world is a gym with this woman! Watch as she shows us how to use the swing set as equipment when working out the abs and legs. Notice her straight upper spine posture as she bends and straightens her knees. On a moving swing set, that core has got to be strong and stable!

"Hang in there, you got it. Come on!"Rothe tells us as she counts down the burn. Oh yes, you'll feel the burn in the quadriceps and abdominals. But as you're working out just remember-no pain, no gain!

Key tips: Keep shoulders pushed back while arms are extended in front of your body. Breathe. Don't scream.

"My name is Monet. It is said the same way as singer Janelle (Monae)! Friends and family call me Naisy (neigh•zee). Writing has always been my passion. My other hobbies are playing piano, cooking, working out (Pilates and tae Kwan do), reading and beauty/skin care."

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