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Rihanna Wows Dark Skinned Women with New Fenty Beauty Make-Up Line

Rihanna has officially broke the internet with her new super dark-skinned-girl-friendly makeup line, Fenty Beauty. The all inclusive cosmetic line consists of 40 foundation shades, and a variety of highlighting and contouring match stix that come with a handy guide on what combination is best for what skin tone.

If you're a black woman, particularly a dark skinned black woman, you know that finding the perfect foundation color can be a challenge, let alone, a consistency that doesn't make you look gray or ashy. After all of that, it's another set of challenges finding the right contour and highlighting colors that won't leave your face looking like a chalkboard. Well, it seems that Rihanna has tackled all of those problems in one beauty brand and black women all over the world couldn't be happier.

Whether you're African, or any part of the African diaspora, this brand for you, may just be a makeup dream come true. So far, for the most part, Rihanna and her team of makeup professionals are getting rave reviews on their well thought out creations. According to Rihanna, there are more shades specifically for women of color coming soon.

Check out what some of the YouTube beauty gurus have to say about Fenty Beauty below.

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