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10 Reasons you should do Squats

Personal Trainer and self proclaimed Clean Eating Connoisseur Rahki Giovanni sets the bar high when it comes to killer legs and glutes and we want in on her secret! Thankfully, she is kind enough to share her tips and workout routines on her Instagram and YouTube so we thought we'd pass it on.

According to her expertise and proven results, squats are essential to any workout routine and although many of us are familiar, we never get extensive detail on why. Apparently achieving a great butt is only part of the pay off. Here's a list of 10 reasons Rahki says you should squat:

1. Achieve bigger legs

2. Eliminate Cellulite

3. A great fat blaster

4. Strengthen the core

5. Enlarge and strengthen your gluteous

6. Build, strengthen & create sexier calves

7. Increase testosterone & growth hormones

8. Improve workout effeciency

9. Reduce the risk of injury during workout

10. Squats are a universal compound exercise

TIP: Don't forget to add weights when squatting!

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