Children's Book Teaches Black Boys to Uplift Dark Skinned Girls

Illustrator Lawrence Lindell has taken the internet by storm with his children's book that teaches black boys to uplift dark skinned girls and women of color. The book entitled, 'From Black Boy with Love' has 24 pages with illustrations of black boys expressing their love to black girls.

When asked by Huffington Post why he created the book, Lawrence responded by touching on colorism specifically directed at dark skinned girls. He said, "The first thing they go for when teasing each other is hair, body shape and skin tone. 'You ol' nappy headed, black ass, charcoal looking girl'. We have to change the narrative that says the more melanin you have means you're uglier and that natural hair is bad or improper". Lindell has sold out of the book twice and hopes that it will encourage black boys to respect girls and women who look like them.

How refreshing is it to see a black man create something to combat colorism in the black community? DDS thanks Lindell for caring about dark skinned girls enough to initiate change and healing with them pertaining to colorism. We wish you all the success in your business endeavors. Purchase your book by visiting Lindell's website HERE.

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