CEO removes his hair products from Asian Beauty Supply that Mistreats Black Women

KeraVada CEO D. Ware did an Undercover Boss move when he heard that black women were being mistreated at a local beauty supply store in Houston Texas. Ware visited KS Beauty Supply, bought all of his products on the shelf, approached the Asian cashier head on and told him that he'd no longer be doing business with their location. How's that for black male support?

Since the Missha Beauty Store incident, black women all over the country have been getting serious about withdrawing their dollars from Asian owned suppliers that don't like nor respect us. Although several black owned beauty supply store lists have been floating around, some women are still fishing for good alternatives.

KeraVada may be a perfect replacement now that we know the owner seems to have our best interest at heart. Hopefully, more black owned hair product companies will follow suit and blacks will start building additional locations. Until then, let the boycott continue. Visit the KeraVada website HERE.

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