Light Skinned Woman Condemns Rickey Smiley for Colorist Joke & Defends Dark Skinned Women

Facebook user Esha Jordan went viral after posting a passionate video defending dark skinned women against a colorist and tasteless joke made by comedian Rickey Smiley. In the joke, the morning talk show host compared dark women to a black frying pan.

So many times dark skinned women are left defending themselves against colorist black men while also defending our sanity (because you know, colorism is all in our heads). Esha Jordan shows us what a true ally looks like; she took a stand against colorism on behalf of dark women even though she doesn't share our same experience. She also had some choice words for colorist black men while she was at it. Homegirl said she is tired of it and we are too. DDS salutes you Esha.

Check out what Esha had to say below:

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