SheaMoisture Under Fire for "Whitewashed" Hair Commercial - Black Women aren't having

UPDATE: Check out SheaMoisture's apology HERE

It seems like yesterday when many black women were gushing all over the popular SheaMoisture commercial that said that they were #breakingthewall. This meant that they were moving their products away from the "ethnic isle" to the main part of the beauty isle (aka the white woman isle). This happened shortly after SheaMoisture's controversial partnership with Bain Capitol.

Now here we are, over a year later, dragging them all over social media for their recent "hair hate" commercial in which they apparently forgot to include the most hated on female phenotype. Click HERE to see the commercial or watch it below:

There were plenty of black women like myself who immediately caught onto SheaMoisture's white pandering business venture with Bain, but some saw it as a good thing. After all, these companies like SheaMoisture and Carol's Daughter needed to expand their market reach to keep from going under, right? The answer is debatable when you consider that black women spend a whopping 7.5 billion dollars a year on cosmetics, 80% more than their non black counterparts. We don't know how much of that pie SheaMoisture is getting, but we do know that the company is worth about 31 billion dollars. This of of course, is mostly due to their BLACK female consumer base buying and reviewing their products.

So what say you? Must these companies continue to rise on the backs of black women and then switch up to stay in business? Should we not take it personal that they represent us less in their advertisement and just be happy that the products are still on the shelf? Or do you think something needs to change in these business plans to ensure that black women don't feel used up and thrown away when our dollars are no longer good enough? I myself, prefer the latter.

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