Dope Art ft. Nicholle Kobi

French illustrator, visual artist and entrepreneur Nicholle Kobi's artwork is famous in it's own right and rightfully so. Her eye catching illustrations of black women are beautifully inspiring, confident and encompass the amazing versatility that black womanhood has to offer. Her work has been shared all over social media for everyone to awe at it's mastery.

When asked why she focuses on black women in her artistry, she responded by saying; "First, I focus on this because I am a black woman. My desire to focus on black women is simply because I had the impression that they are excluded from the greater world of beauty, art, fashion, and especially in the intellectual sphere. They very rarely hold black women in high regard; they criticize and analyze her curves, her skin color, and her hair texture (by comparing these images with the images created by the majority white media). And I am here just to try to give (black woman) back her rightful place in the world of beauty, art, and more".

Read more and purchase artwork at Nicholle's website and check out some of her illustrations below.

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